Our Purpose

To work in partnership with the families in our community to enable children to reach their potential

Our Aims


  • Focus on all round support for each child specific to their individual needs and age to ensure they can be 2, 3 or 4

  • Work in partnership with families in the community

  • Getting children ready for school – we are the experts

  • Share knowledge and expertise with the school

  • Developing independence for school to maximise learning potential

  • Creating familiarity with the setting to build confidence

  • None profit making, all resources invested for the children’s needs

  • Supporting the community with its needs re. expertise, space etc


In order to achieve this, our plan is:

1. Stand shoulder to shoulder with the school, esp. The reception class. Be on the school grounds and work in partnership to benefit the children

Reinforce relationships with governors’ Head and develop a joint plan with reception teachers to share learnings. Seek help with outdoor provision

Develop numeracy and literacy plan

Take all opportunities to communicate together
Ask for a phonics session for pre school parents to be run

2. Role model a learning culture. Continue with a high standard of practitioner development. Learn from other organisations and apply to get better

Use SEF process to action plan for the setting and be demanding of the committee regarding investment

Implement performance  mgt and development plans, develop deputy and room leader role and additional responsibility roles
Build links with similar organisations

3. Create an exciting learning environment through research and financial security

Implement new financial processes for fees and debt management, credit card and cash flow/expenses

Investigate fundraising sources and exploit these
Forecast for response to National Living Wage for 2017
Invest in infrastructure and resources for children, focus on outdoor provision ICT and 2 year old resources
Plan for becoming incorporated
Plan for 30 hours funding for working parents to be implemented from Sept 17
Extend provision by opening earlier and later, constantly review  viability

4. Build links with all organisations in the community and create a space that is useful to the community

Look for opportunities to use our specialist knowledge and skills in the community
Link fundraising to areas the community can benefit from

5.Working together with families to support the community children

Hold a welcome event to engage parents in who we are

Use regular feedback from parents to develop our communications with them, implement the plan
Start story cafes one per half term to create  opportunities for parents to see us
Attend school events available to parents
Continue to celebrate weekly in communication to parents what’s been achieved and on facebook page

Disley Under Fives Preschool


Disley Under Fives

Disley Primary School

Danebank Drive


SK12 2BD




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Ofsted Report

Disley Under Fives Ofsted Rating

10x Outstanding with x5 Good, December 2017



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