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Here you can find out about how we run things at Disley Under Fives. We need your help to keep this organisation running as smoothly as possible!


If you would like more information or wish to discuss a placement for your child within the preschool, please make an appointment with the manager who will gladly take the time to explain everything you need to know.

We look forward to meeting you! Contact Meesha on 07885 426 000

What happens if my child is ill?

It's unavoidable that small children catch all kinds of minor infections. For a speedy recovery and to prevent the other children from falling ill, children who have sickness & diarrhoea must stay at home. Only when this has subsided for 48 hours should you return your child to the nursery. If the disease is infectious, we'll need a doctor's note confirming that your child is no longer contagious.

Dropping off & Collecting your child

Please bring children on time as latecomers can unsettle the other children in the setting.

On entering the setting to drop your child off, please ensure that you ‘sign in’ the signing in sheet is to keep your child safe.

A message book is next to the signing in sheet, verbal messages can be forgotten. If your message is confidential, please indicate that you would like an appointment or a phone call to discuss the matter.

Any changes to session times/days must be requested in writing and agreed with Meesha - When we are busy it is not always possible to accept children at different times from those requested due to staffing ratios.

Please be prompt when collecting children. We operate a tight schedule and as a legal requirement there must always be 2 staff with each child, if you are late collecting this can cause serious issues for us and can be very unsettling for the child. 

Costs will be incurred! If a child has been left uncollected for one hour with no contact Social Services must be contacted.

Please make sure you contact us if you are late and please try and have another family member/trusted adult collect the child with the relevant password.

Snacks & Lunches

Please don't forget the 50p per session as a contribution to the cost of snacks. This goes into the room money box on the signing in table.

Children who are attending the 12-3pm session need to bring a packed lunch (which should be in a clearly named bag/box)

Toys from Home

Please explain to your child that toys from home will be put in a special basket out of reach while they are in the setting. Children can be very possessive about toys from home and become upset if they are lost, broken or played with by other children.

This DOESN'T apply to comfort teddies/toys or blankets which the child can keep at all times until settled.

Wet weather clothing

We like to take the children outside to play whatever the weather so please ensure your child has wellies & rain clothes in a bag on their peg. All clothing and footwear should be clearly marked.

Messy Play Disley

The children will paint, use playdough and sand and play outside, so please dress your child to play and if possible send spare clothing with them. We also have some here, so please wash and return it if they come home in one of our items.

Donations of clothing are always welcome.


Should parents wish to raise any issues about safeguarding, they can do so by contacting the Disley Under Fives manager, Meesha.

If you would prefer not to discuss safeguarding issues with staff at the setting, parents are advised that they can raise any issues with Disley Primary School.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Does my child have to be potty trained to attend Disley Under Fives Preschool?

We have full changing facilities and are more than happy to take children in nappies! Please provide the nappies your child wears with them in the setting.

What should my child bring for a packed lunch?

Whatever your child would normally eat. Please dont send chocolates or sweets with your child. Please remember to put it in a ‘named’ bag.

What should my child wear?

Our children love to get involved with ‘Messy’ play whilst we provide overalls/aprons we recommend that you dress them accordingly.. Wellies for outdoor etc..

Do you require a before and after school club?

Disley Under Fives opens from 8am and runs a breakfast session until 9am. We also stay open until 5.30pm as an after pre school club. Attendance at these sessions needs to be booked with the manager Gemma. More information is available in session times and fees.

Do you ever take the children offsite?

For a number of years now we have organised a day trip out, it’s proved to be a favourite of both the Children and the Parents.. the Staff enjoy it too!

Can I have a copy of your Ofsted report?

Yes please click the Ofsted < link


A to Z Guide

Please also see the A to Z for more information and frequently asked questions


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