A to Z of Disley Under Fives



If your child has an accident while at pre-school we will assess the situation and let you know either at the time if it is serious enough or when you come to pick them up. It will always be recorded in the Accident Book. All practitioners hold a recognised paediatric first aid qualification which is renewed every three years. If your child has had an accident whilst at home or en-route these injuries may be recorded as ‘incoming accidents’.


Please let us know if your child has an allergy so we can avoid them coming into contact with the substance while at the setting.



Buttie bags

When your child is staying for lunch they will need to bring their lunch in a named lunch bag. This is left to the right of the door as they come in for the morning session or come with them if they are starting at 12pm. Children like a variety of foods in their buttie bags, but please don’t include sweets or chocolate and it is a great opportunity for us to help you promote healthy eating for your child.



Changing sessions for your child

We will try and accommodate a change in session/ sessions at any time during a term, either permanently or temporarily, please discuss with us your needs and we will see what we can do to accommodate you. We will only say no if that time is full or we have someone about to join that session who has reserved a place.


Children at Disley under Fives join in many wet and messy activities, whilst we use aprons to keep the worst mess at bay it is inevitable that some paint or gloop splashes onto clothing. Please send your child in clothes suitable for this type of play that can be easily washed.

We encourage children’s skills to promote their own independence in self-care including toileting. Some clothing may restrict children’s ability to do this such as ‘skinny’ jeans, belts and dungarees. Please consider your child’s growing independence when helping them choose clothes to wear at Disley under Fives.

Children’s Physical Development is a Prime area in the Early Years Foundation Stage. We recognise the importance of physical activity which involves large motor movements such as running, jumping, climbing and balancing and these activities are planned on a daily basis. Please send your child in clothing which allows movement easily such as leggings, tracksuits or ‘jogger’ type trousers. Footwear such as trainers and ‘school style’ shoes and pumps are usually more appropriate than knee high boots and open toed sandals.

Please ensure all items such as wellington boots, coats and hats are named.



The committee is made up from parents, staff and people from the local community. The committee is responsible for running the setting from developing the three year strategy to arranging fundraising. The committee meets every half term and any parent is welcome to attend if they are interested. The names of the committee are on the foyer notice board and we re-elect the committee every September.



We have 2 concerts a year. One is in December and is a Christmas concert. The children tell the nativity in costume if they wish. Tickets are sold and it is a great opportunity for a bit of ‘ahhh’ and a warm drink and mince pie!

The Leaver’s Concert held in July celebrates the musical achievements of the children leaving Disley under Fives to start in Reception Classes in September. It is an opportunity for family and friends to say ‘goodbye’ to their pre-school experience and look forward to the children’s new school career.


  • Each child has a clear hanging bag where information and notices are regularly placed that will let you know of things that are happening that you need to do or might want to get involved with. It is also where you will find your child's creations that you can take home.
  • We also communicate by email as some parents to not drop off and collect so this can be a better way of them getting this information and at pace.
  • There is a book just inside the setting when you drop off in the morning to write any information it is important for the staff to be aware of e.g. If someone else is picking your child up at the end of the session.
  • Each child also has a green note book which is a great way for you, the key worker and your child to share what you have been doing at home and what they have been doing at the setting. There is also a blackboard at the entrance that will highlight any interesting information.
  • Finally we also will hand out letters for information it is critical for each parent to see at a certain point.




This sounds like punishment – we call it Behaviour Management and we work with children to support their ability to resolve conflict verbally, to turn take etc.  We use the Take 5 method where appropriate when a member of staff will sit with a child to reflect on challenging behaviour and have a quiet time for up to 5 minutes. We absolutely do not have a naughty chair and no child is a naughty child – sometimes children have bad ideas or do silly things – and we help them to see that, and that there can be consequences.  If you have any questions or want advice, please feel free to talk to our Behaviour Management Coordinator.

Deep clean

We deep clean our dressing up clothing and toys every term and have bags of ‘stuff’ for parents to take home and wash over the holidays. All help with this is most welcome



Early Years Foundation Stage

‘The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets the standards that all early years providers must meet to ensure that all children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe’  (DfE, 2014:2)

The EYFS requires all early years settings to shape their educational programmes around the seven areas of learning and development which are

Prime Areas

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

These important areas are crucial in promoting children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for new experiences and building their capacity to learn, form relationships and thrive.

Specific Areas

  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

These areas strengthen and apply the Prime Areas and form a part of the broad range of skills, knowledge and attitudes children need as a successful foundation for good future progress.


We have an annual events calendar that includes all our fundraising activities and socialising opportunities. One is included in your welcome pack.




As we are a charity this is a critical activity to ensure we are able to offer new resources and experiences for children. The committee will create the annual plan, but it is important that all parents participate where they feel able. You could be washing cars, baking cakes, manning a stall or just attending an event to support. Each spring the children spend a week doing physical activities and are sponsored for these this is a great opportunity to support your child in achieving these new skills while helping us with funds.

Fees and holding fee

If your child is not funded for their sessions through the early years funding, the fees currently are £3.92 per hour.

We do charge a holding fee to ensure we can reserve a place for your child before they start. This is used to pay for their sessions once they have started so just means you are paying up front.

  • For funded children a holding fee of £50 is required to hold a place and will be returned to a parent once a child had taken up their place (refundable deposit),
  • For unfunded children we would ask for 6 weeks (half a term) of the fees the parents will pay. This will then be taken off the fees when the child starts at the setting. This is capped at £250.



Gates and Doors

The safety and security of all children on the Disley Primary School site is of paramount importance.  Access to the setting is restricted during the school day. At 9am and 3pm all perimeter gates are open and parents and carers can enter the school site from the A6, Dane Bank Drive and Chantry Road via the path across the school field. However, at other times access is limited. For Disley under Fives parents and carers need to access the setting using the Community Entrance. Here a buzzer intercom can be used to contact the practitioners. Please be aware that a short delay may occur as staff will be working with the children.

During the session all external doors are bolted and children are constantly supervised both indoors and outside.


Our aim is to make Du5s a happy place to be





Disley under Fives opens term time only, our holidays are in line with Disley Primary school holidays and INSET days. You will be provided with term times when your child starts and on an annual basis. Often parents take their child on holiday during term time. This is fine just let us know not to expect your child that day or week.

Head Lice

Please check your child’s head regularly (at least once a week) we suggest Friday so that if found they can be treated over the weekend. If live lice are noticed staff will notify parents/carers. There is no stigma attached to head lice, it’s one of those things that goes with having children.




Diarrhoea and vomiting – If your child suffers from this please keep them away from the setting for 48 hours AFTER the last attack. This follows NHS guidelines and helps stop the spread of illness to other children and staff.

If your child has been given ‘calpol’ or a similar medicine to reduce a temperature they should not be brought into the setting. The medicine masks the symptoms but doesn’t cure the illness.



Key person

Each child at Disley Under Fives is assigned a key person, you will be given the name of the practitioner when your child starts attending. The role of the key person is to support your child to settle in to the setting and to ensure that their individual needs are met through the activities and resources provided. The key person will also complete children’s Learning Journeys which provide a record of children’s interests and developmental progress. These will help support parents / carers in guiding their child’s development at home.


Disley under Fives shares the premises with Kidzone which is the before and after school club owned by Mrs Pam Dowd. This means that our start and finish times are fixed at 9am and 3pm as Kidzone use the classrooms at other times. Children aged 3 years and above may attend Kidzone (depending on availability) which provides ‘wrap around’ childcare from 7.30am until 9am and 3.15pm until 6pm.



Learning Journeys

We use photographs and short descriptive notes to record examples of children’s interests and developmental progress. These are linked to the Areas of Learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage, termly reviews provide a short written record of your child’s achievements.


Many children enjoy reading and re reading the books we have at Disley under Fives. If you would like to share your child’s favourites at home we have a ‘library’ system in which you can borrow one book at a time. Please return the book when you have finished. Please ask a practitioner and they will show you where to record the books you wish to borrow.




We hold meetings with parents on an annual basis so you have a chance to discuss with your child's key person how your child is getting on. However if you or the staff feel you need to discuss anything else please just ask to speak to someone or arrange some time to discuss any concerns or ask questions you may have.

Messy play

We encourage children to freely play with things that can be messy, for example water, foam and do painting, as well as our mud kitchen. It is important that they come in clothes that you feel happy letting them get messy in. It is also useful to have a change of clothing in their bags in case it is needed. We have a supply of old clothes but always welcome more once your child has grown out of theirs for this reason.


This will only be given to your child if prescribed by a doctor and on completion of the necessary documents. The medication, including inhalers and creams or drops must be presented in the original container as dispensed. Please DO NOT leave medication of any kind in the child’s bag on their coat peg. All medication (even if just being passed on to another carer at the end of the session) must be kept locked away during the time your child is with us for everyone’s safety. Parents and carers will be asked to sign a medication record each time their child is given any medicine.



Name tags

Please put name tags on your child's things and clothing so we can ensure everything gets returned to you. When you start there will be information given of how to get hold of these.


When your child starts with us they may still be in nappies. We have a changing area in one of the toilets however we do not provide nappies. Please ensure that your child has a sufficient supply of nappies in a named bag.




Disley under Fives is registered with Ofsted to provide child-care on non-domestic settings for children aged two to four years.

Our last Ofsted visit was in March 2014. Our setting was judged as good with some outstanding features. The full report can be seen on http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports  or if you would like a copy please ask.

Outside play

We have a couple of areas, including a mud kitchen and environmental area,  within the school grounds where the children can experience outside play and we create as many opportunities for this to happen as possible. This means it is essential your child comes with wellies and clothing suitable for the time of year, including sun hats, sun cream in the summer and a waterproof coat for those wet days.  We play outside on wet and cold days so please make sure your child is suitably attired.



Pick up

It is important to collect your child on time. It can be distressing for a child to be left uncollected even if only for a few minutes. Also practically, the number of staff is governed by the number of children in the setting however even one child must be cared for by at least two members of staff and this can compromise staff ratios across the setting.

If you are unavoidably delayed at home time please let a member of staff know. After 3.15 should your child still be with us they will be taken to the school main reception area where two members of staff will wait with them until they are collected as Kidzone have occupancy of the rooms at this time.

The Committee has decided that if a child is left uncollected for more than 5 minutes, the parent will incur the cost for the length of time 2 members of staff are required to remain with the child.

All children must be collected by a responsible adult, Disley under Fives will not release children into the care of someone under 16 or if the person collecting appears under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

(Please note, if no contact is made and a child is left uncollected for one hour, Disley Under Fives has a legal obligation to inform social services.)


Each child has their own peg to put their bag and coat on when they arrive in the setting. The blue ‘Ikea’ bags on each peg remain in the setting and can be used to store items such as wellies .

Potty Training

We are happy to follow your lead on your child’s toilet training journey and are used to dealing with little accidents along the way. Spare clothes will be needed!


You will be asked to give a password. This is important so that if someone is picking up your child that we don’t recognise we can check you have authorised this by them giving the password.




Our Manager, Barbara Barber holds a BAHons in Early Childhood Studies and the Early Years Professional Status. Two practitioners have a level 5 Foundation Degree in Early Years Practice,  the remaining practitioners hold a full and relevant level 3 qualification in early years child care and education.

All staff attend regular continual professional development training provided by Cheshire East and other appropriate providers.




Children register in the morning by finding their own name on a card and putting it into the basket.


We use lots of resources for art and craft so if you have spare paper, cardboard boxes, tin foil etc we can probably use it. Just check with the staff before you bring it in and we’ll check we have storage space so it isn’t wasted.


We have 2 rooms at the setting which are used to provide a range of fun activities. This allows children to develop a friendship group that they will keep as they start school and ensures they are with children at a similar development stage. They all get time in all areas of the setting over a day.




We offer snack at both morning and afternoon sessions. We run a rolling snack session so your child will have an opportunity to eat and drink something in this period. The snacks are healthy typically fruit, toast, bread sticks and crackers. We do try to introduce new things where we can link them to something e.g. noodles at Chinese New Year. The children are encouraged to try things, share and develop new skills like pouring their own drink, cutting bread and spreading butter. We ask families to give a voluntary donation to support the purchase of snack, a money box is available at the start of each morning session.

Signing in

You will be asked to sign your child in for every session as you both arrive. This is part of our Safeguarding Procedure and ensures all a record of all children is made as they enter the building.


Disley under Fives ensures that all practitioners undergo regular safeguarding training. We have a Safeguarding Policy which is regularly reviewed in line with both local and national guidance.  


When the sunshine arrives please pop some suncream on your child before they come to pre-school. The staff can reapply during the day but only with your written permission. Please ensure your child has a named sun hat to wear so they can enjoy outdoor play.



Times of sessions

We offer lots of flexibility regarding session times. The sessions are:-

  • 9am until 12noon
  • 9am until 1pm (including lunch)
  • 12noon until 3pm (including lunch)
  • 9am until 3pm (including lunch)


Toys from home

Please explain to your child that any toys brought from home will be put to one side (out of reach) in our ‘Toys from Home’ box whilst they are at the setting. Children are very possessive about toys from home and become upset if they are lost, broken or played with by other children. This doesn’t apply to comfort teddies/toys or blankets: children are able to keep these with them at all times is necessary, until settled.

Transition to school

We work closely throughout the year with teaching and non-teaching staff at Disley Primary School to give children opportunities to become familiar with the school environment.  We visit the school canteen, join Reception for several PE lessons and watch assemblies and productions.

During the Summer Term the pre-school children receive visits from the Reception teacher prior to their own school visits.

If you choose not to send your child to Disley Primary School please let us know and we will work closely with the staff from your chosen school to ensure that we provide a smooth transition from pre-school to Reception. 


Every year in June Disley under Fives has a day trip to a local attraction, for example Tatton park and farm. It is a great opportunity to socialise with other parents and children and have a great day out together. A coach is arranged and this leaves just after school starts and arrives back in time for parents to collect older children from the school. All children must be accompanied by a parent or carer.






Parent and carer helpers are always welcome at Disley under Fives, it is a great opportunity to see what happens during a session and to be involved with your child. Volunteers often help with tasks such as washing up and clearing away in addition spending tome playing alongside children.


Please be sensitive to residents of Dane Bank Drive and avoid parking on verges or blocking driveways. The turning circle at the end of Dane Bank Drive is in constant use and must not be used for parking.



Welcome circle

As children arrive in the morning they put their coats on their pegs and find their names to self register. Then they join the welcome circle and we sing some songs before we register them. It helps children settle down for the day and be part of the group on arrival in a shared activity.

Welcome part

At the start of the Autumn term the committee arrange a welcome party for all children and their parents at Jungle Monkey. There is a small fee charged to attend to support our fundraising, but it is also a great opportunity to build relationships and ask about anything you want to know.



Xmas Party

We have party for all children typically on our last day of opening before Christmas, we have an entertainer, party food and a visit from a very special guest. There is a small charge for tickets to cover costs.



Yawn and….



Rest and Sleep

Some children may need a nap or quiet time during the session they attend. We will discuss with you when and for how long your child sleeps. Whilst we do not have a cot we can provide a quiet ‘snuggle’ area or a reclining buggy for your child to sleep in.

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